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Hanse Yachts

The Hanse group promotes their line of boats in Italy together with Nautilus and its sales network. A historic business partner in sales, distribution, delivery, and assistance has firmly established a special relationship with the German shipyard, solidified in over 15 years of collaboration.

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Italia Yachts

Following a growing demand to better develop strategic goals projected towards the expansion and brand reinforcement on the Italian and international market, in the spring of 2018 a co branding project started with Nautilus.
The opening of a headquarters dedicated to Italia Yachts within Nautilus, a short trip from Rome’s international airport, hopes to offer an important and complete service center dedicated to sales, delivery, and customer care for shipowners and lovers of made in Italy.

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North Sails

The mantra of Lowell, first an aerospace engineer and then founder of North Sails, “make history by looking forward,” highlights the necessity of having a collection, design, and repair center in Rome too. After creating the first industrial sailmaker’s shop, the best service of design, maintenance, and care around, after over 150 locations all over the world, it is finally, with great pleasure, that Nautilus hosts within their own headquarters an office dedicated to North Sails!
Nautilus and North Sails share the closely entwined passions that animate the soul of the complex: the ocean and boats.

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Ryck Yachts

The complete RYCK davvero sound bar. Based on a super-hydrodynamic design, the RYCK model can be completely adapted to your needs. If you take it every day or go underwater, or visit a seaside town or stay in Norway, you should always be equipped with a RYCK! It has a sporty and modern look if it is suitable for any occasion and it is also attractive. But the RYCK model is not a solo class, but it also has a standard and safe management system, making it ideal for growing up and growing up. A fluid flow from the purchase to the final construction is guaranteed to be guaranteed by a large household. It belongs to HanseYachts AG, one of the largest yacht builders in the world.

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